Services For Attorneys

Belashia Wallace has the rare combination of singlehandedly trying multiple cases to verdict throughout Texas, as both, prior in-house counsel for a major insurance company and as a successful plaintiffs’ attorney.

Co-Counsel Opportunities

Attorneys often contact The Wallace Law Firm to add value to their injury cases. For plaintiffs’ firms, our involvement has resulted in settlement offers of policy limits and verdicts substantially above the pre-trial settlement offer.

For defense firms, our unique perspective and approach has resulted in numerous in-house and formally mediated settlements. To learn about how we can assist you or your firm, get in touch with us!

For mediation scheduling or inquiries, call (281) 766-1700 or email us at

Trial Consulting

Attorney Wallace has analyzed numerous trials and interviewed hundreds of jurors and panels throughout her career. Her invaluable experience has provided her with the skills to properly evaluate cases from both perspectives. This has led to attorneys avoiding unforeseen pitfalls, while gaining strengths that ultimately result in favorable verdicts.

The Wallace Law Firm provides trial consulting services, including, but not limited to:

Pre-Trial Services

  • Pre-Trial Case Assessments
  • Witness Preparation
  • Juror Profiling
  • Trial Tactics Training
  • Mock Trials with Customized Focus Groups

Trial Services

  • Jury Selection
  • Jury Monitoring
  • Daily Trial Analytics
  • Recess Consulting

Post-Trial Services

  • Post-Verdict Jury Interviewing
  • Formal Post-Trial Assessment